Bright Lights Big Data…The LED Lighting Revolution


    LEDs are a totally unique lighting technology that requires a different design approach from traditional lighting.

    Today’s fluorescent lighting makes light when an electric current flows between the ends of the tube this produces excited electrons that bounce around in the glass tube creating UV light once the UV light hits the phosphor coating inside the tube, the tube shines.

    LEDs are actually semiconductors that produce visible light when an electronic current passes through a component in the light called the die to create a glow. Because LEDs are more like an electronic piece of equipment such as a computer, LEDs follow something called Moore’s Law, which means as the quality of LEDs improve the cost of purchasing LEDs will go down.  Just like your laptop computer or flat screen TVs.  And with 50%-70% energy savings this is great news for your pocketbook.

    Buyer Beware! There are a number of manufactures producing LEDs they range in quality from excellent to fair to poor. Please look for the Energy Star label or the Design Light Consortium (DLC) certification.  If an LED you wish to purchase doesn’t have these labels ask to see the LM-79 and LM-80 test reports.

    High quality LEDs will have an L70 of 100,000 hours. L70 is lighting jargon that means after 100,000 hours of operation the lamp will still produce 70% of its light output as it did the first day the lamp was plugged in.

    The real revolution with LED lighting is not just the energy savings, the low cost, and high quantity and quality light output. The real revolution is LED’s ability to produce Big Data!  LEDs require low voltage which allows them to power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection.  As a result consumers will have extraordinary control operating lights, but these LEDs are also a robust sensor that can capture and transmit data on traffic, parking, and security issues using the cloud infrastructure. 

    Are you ready to join the lighting revolution? PSO offers great incentives to upgrade indoor and outdoor lighting.  Check out PSO’s website to learn more.

    PSO Mechanical EE Seminar and its Market Impacts!

    It was cold Monday morning Feb 12th 2018 in Tulsa Oklahoma and close to 300 people checked in and enjoying the coffee, trade show, and the main event. Not more than 5 years ago, energy efficiency seminars would only attract a handful of people. In the third year, PSO’s Mechanical Energy Efficiency Seminar has come a long way and now is making real impact in people’s lives. “It felt like this event was just organized for me. I learned a lot”- this is a one of several customer testimonials after attending the seminar. This event was sponsored by Public Service Company of Oklahoma, organized by PSO business rebate team, ICF, to bring real awareness in energy efficiency to PSO’s customers.

    The seminar started with a welcome message from PSO’s Consumer Programs Manager Jeff Brown followed by a spellbound keynote from Dr. Eric Woodroof- past National AEE President. The keynote touched on how to sell energy efficiency projects by showing the opportunity cost of doing nothing related to energy efficiency. Mike Chimack gave a VFD energy savings overview. During lunch the seminar hosted a series of mini classes: Kerry Rowland unveiled her Spark Tank win-AEP Smart Building, Corey Else spoke on business rebates. The last mini session was from Rob Carlson-expert engineer from Tri-Star Glass. He discussed the completed energy efficiency projects and PSO rebate impacts. This customer case study was one of the favorite sessions based on attendee feedbacks. After Lunch, Dr. Eric Wood roof entertained the crowd with photos from energy audits on his topic-horror stories from the field. Mike Kernan from PSO talked about PSO’s new innovative Oil and Gas EE pilot for 2018. The last but one of the best session was – “Don’t throw that heat away, use it” from Kevin DeMaster from Mitsubishi and Chad Smith from Airetech Corp. The event ended with a shout out “Thank You” from the seminar organizer Jitendra Gautam to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and vendors.

    In conjunction with the seminar there was AEEOK and NEOK ASHRAE Tradeshow where more than 30 vendors showcased their technologies and services. Customers visited the booths and gained knowledge about the various technologies present.

    The surveys after the event indicate that people are now ready to accept the changes in the energy industry. The idea of the world moving towards zero energy sounded like a fairy tales few years back. Now, almost every industry is working towards net zero. Transportation, motor vehicles, internet of things, solar power roofs, tiles, battery storage, wind power, geothermal and automatic energy management systems are all buzzwords that are actually converging and making path for themselves. Energy consumers are recognizing the importance of managing these changes and the data collection during this movement. Today the highest paid jobs are Data Scientist not Chemical Engineering which was 10 years back.

    When we as AEEOK members see the number of people attending these kinds of events increasing 60% in three years, we can surely say that we at AEEOK are a big spark in the market.

    Contributed by: Jitendra Gautam PE and Kerry Rowland, CEM